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Agerter, Barbara  (USA)
3443 Piper Dr.
Northwood, Oh
Tel: 419-693-2108
E-mail: btease@juno.com  
website: http://www.barbaratease.com
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Asprey, Bill  (UK)

Drawing for newspapers, magazines, including Playboy Publications, greetings cards, calendars, advertising and character merchandising, under the pen name "Leon" as well as Bill Asprey. Cartoons and features include, Aphrodite, Almost Human, Sporting Fanny, Wheel Nuts. Has written and drawn the Love is…cartoons since 1975, adapted Roald Dahl’s book The BFG into a successful colour strip. Is the creator and founder of Cartoon World. Coming soon the Cartoon World Library Archive and new cartoon characters, The Beez.

PO Box 14384
NW11 6WS
020 8455 3906
email: bill@artfulaspreycartoons.co.uk
website: http://www.artfulaspreycartoons.co.uk

Earl, Colin  (UK)

Freelance cartoonist since 1953.starting with the Daily Herald. regularly to Daily Sketch,Daily Mirror.The Sun,News of the World. plus leading magazines, Including John Bull,Men Only, Lilliput,Reveille, Tit Bits(Remember Square Bear, and Just George) now also does watercolour and Oil Painting and portraits.Earl, Colin

57 Petts Wood Road
Petts Wood, Orpington,
Kent, BR5 1JU
Tel: 01689 830832
E-mail: earl@cartoonworld.org
Website:  www.cartoonworldlibrary/colinearl

Ellinas, Simon  (UK)
8 Grosvenor Avenue
Barnet, Hertfordshire
020 8449 1368

Mobile: 07790893239 

Email: simon@cartoono.co.uk

website: http://www.caricatures.org.uk


Healey, Lee  (UK)

Lee Healey has been illustrating professionally now for over 16 years, with a wealth of satisfied clients. He specializes in cartooning and comic strips, but can quite happily turn his hand to more serious illustration when required. His cartoons have been published in a variety of magazines and comics, including titles such as 'Viz', 'The Dandy', and mens magazine 'Maxim'.
Like most modern cartoonists he finishes and sends most of his work digitally, but it always begins with him slouched over his trusty drawing board.

E-mail: lee_cartoonist@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.freelance-cartoonist.com

Tel/Fax: 01474 704437

Heine, Benjamin  (Belgium)

Ben Heine currently produces political and artistic cartoons relating to day to day international or Belgian political issues and he intends to arouse reflection through the eyes of provocation and imagination. His paintings are rather mystical with expressive touches and could be classified as “erotico fantastico burlesque”.
He has participated in a large number of humour events and cartoon contests worldwide and he works now in Brussels as a free lance artist. He draws for local papers and satirical publications or pamphlets in Belgium. Ben Heine has also exhibited some of his drawings on numerous Websites dedicated to the cartoons.
Chemin des Deux Maisons, n° 71 bte 21,
1200 Woluwé - Saint – Lambert, Belgium
E-mail : heinebenjamin@hotmail.com
G.S.M.: 0032 (0) 472 / 23 45 76
Website : http://www.benheine.com  (general artworks)
Blog : http://www.benjaminheine.blogspot.com  (cartoons updated everyday)

Honeysett, Martin  (UK )
01424 440249
email: martin.honeysett@kirion.net

Hunau, Barry  (USA)
American editorial cartoonist, Barry Hunau, lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California. His cartoon have appeared in major publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, Jewish Daily News, The Berkeley Daily Planet and Jerusalem Post and regardless of your political persuasion, he hopes they make you laugh.
Email: barryhunau@gmail.com
Website: http://www.cartoonsbybarry.com

ISKOC, Ismail Kar (Turkey)
Ziyapasa Mahallesi 12 Sokak No:2
90 322 458 85 50
email: ismailkar@ttnet.net.tr  
website: http://www.geocities.com/ismailkartoons
Ismail KAR, was born in Adana-Turkey, 1962. He graduated from Uludag Universitey-Faculty of Education, department of Picture-Graphics in Bursa, Turkey. His first cartoon was published in 1979. Since then his work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and international exhibitions. He is a member of the Turkish Cartoonist Association and the leader of the CRN organisation in Turkey, for the defense of free speech of Balkan editorial cartoonists.

Jones, Rex A.  (USA)
419 Heyser St.
Jackson, Michigan
Tel: 517-206-6361
email: kartwonz@sbcglobal.net
website: http://kartwonz.com

Rex lives in Jackson, Michigan with his wife Judy and his five parrots, Yentel, Charly, Bubbee, Hollyberry, and Cheddar. He was born in Fort Bragg, NC. He started drawing cartoons for his school newspaper and year book. He attended Michigan State University, receiving a BFA and MA in art education. He drew political cartoons and then a cartoon strip for the Leslie Local Independent called "Leslie Locos" from 1979 to 1988. Has been a certified hypnotherapist since 1979 and owner of Advanced Hypnotherapy Services until he retired in 2012. He painted and designed sets for Lansing Community College theatre department from 1999 until 2006. Has been a technical director, a set designer, an offset printer (owned the shop), a screen printer, a sign painter, a musician, and an actor (film and stage). He has drawn cartoons for not only for the newspaper, but also for the Mensa and Charlotte, Michigan Chamber of Commerce newsletters. He continues to draw cartoons and art work for individual commissions.

Jurden, Jenifer  (USA)
P.O. Box 200
Bishopville, MD 21813
Tel: 302-383-5582
email: jjurden@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jurdy.com

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Jenifer Jurden was raised in a cartooning household where making others laugh was top priority. For over 26 years Jurden provided Jurdy toons to her colleagues at a Fortune 100 international corporation where, as an executive leader, she inspired colleagues with her comical coping mechanism and other - worldly character, Jurdy. Now Jurdy entertains thousands through Jurden’s ability to provide gut - wrenching comic relief to life’s mundane frustrations and challenges with her Jurdy & Jurdy Green single panel cartoons.

Kidd Millennium - Ron Callari/Jack Pittman  (USA)
email: roncallari@comcast.net  
website: http://www.kiddmillennium.com

Created by Ron Callari and brought to life and drawn by Jack Pittman, Kidd
Millennium comments, with attitude, on his brave new world from a narcissistic
and questioning point of view. The weekly cartoons present a editorial view of
topical issues in today's society, this side of the millennium. Similar to a cartoon
character that emerged over a 100 years ago, called the Yellow Kid, kidd
millennium satirizes the social and political concerns of the day. They are a
regular feature in the Fort Bend/Southwest Sun newspaper and online at:

King, Jerry (USA)

2701 Blackfriars Drive N.W.
OH 44708
330 479 0250
330 479 0250
email: cartoon@neo.rr.com  
website: http://www.jerryking.com

Ozkan, Tayyar  (USA )
email: tayyar@tayyarozkan.com  
website: http://www.tayyarozkan.com

Born in Anatolia. He published his first cartoon in local political newspapers in 1978. In the following years, he published his work in humor magazines and newspapers. He also illustrated children's books and greeting cards. After moving to U.S. in 1989, he worked on graphic and textile design. His first comics were published in WORLD WAR 3 Illustrated and his creation CAVEMAN has been published worldwide. His latest project is animated CAVEMAN shorts. He tought a course on Sequential Art: How Comics Rule at the School of Visual Arts in New York and now lives in Williamsburg, BROOKLYN.

Seddon, Mike  (UK)
Email: mikeseddon@zoom.co.uk
Web: http://www.mikeseddon.com

Mike Seddon lives and works in Northumberland in the United Kingdom. He has been producing mainly single panel cartoons for several years. His work is used in international newsletters and educational presetations. Most of his cartoons are produced digitally. Visit his web site or email him to comission work.

Stewart, Neil (UK Scotland)
5 Culnaha Cottages
IV19 1QP

Tel: 01862 851777
email: neil@daftcartoons.co.uk  
website: http://www.daftcartoons.co.uk

I've been a qualified architect since 1988, and working as a one-man practice in the Scottish Highlands since 1995, while no-one remembers my buildings they do seem to remember my cartoons. Published cartoons include illustrations for school magazine, student newsletters, company handbooks, and several illustrated children's books. Unpublished cartoons cover a wide range of topics, some prompted by events and the rest just coming out of nowhere.

My preferred method of working is hand-drawing on paper, scanning and colouring on computer. My cartoon style is 'wobbly line'. A lot of my cartoons are about things that relate to the building industry but I'm happy doing cartoons about anything at all, as long as they're funny. Closest to my heart is the three frame adventure - that's where it all began, and the jokes have gone steadily sideways from there......